Revive skateboards. | 美國花式滑板牌子

Revive 滑板是本店銷售最好的美國品牌滑板.我們的贊助滑手JC 是最愛用REVIVE 的

真正外國生產.其他一般美國品牌的滑板都是中國生產. 但這個是真正美國生產

ReVive Skateboards began as the idea to create one full length skate video, which led to Youtube videos back in 2009. We began a series “We Want ReVenge” to originally document filming for our full length, but as the series gained popularity our viewers began asking for product. So we said “Why not?” and ReVenge Skateboards was born. After about a year or two we unfortunately ran into some name troubles and were forced to rebirth ourselves as ReVive Skateboards. It’s been smooth sailing since then and while supplying quality skateboards we also stay focused on representing skateboarding for the original reason we all start to ride in the first place: to have fun. Skate on!